Eastern Florida State College Seeks to Add “Robotics and Simulation Technician” Industry Support is Needed !

Eastern Florida State College (EFSC) is in the process of reevaluating our curriculum for Electronic Assembly courses in our Engineering Technology Associates degree program.The courses for consideration to be added to the elective curriculum must be validated by employers and the Industry Advisory Council and validation is required to add new classes and resources. Please take a moment to REVIEW AND RESPOND TO Bruce Hesher at EFSC by November 20.

EFSC is seeking your input and support for a new College Credit Certificate (CCC) to be added to the Engineering Technology program taught at Eastern Florida State College (EFSC).  This CCC would be entitled “Robotics and Simulation Technician” and is aligned to Florida Department of Education Curriculum Framework CIP 0615040514 “Robotics and Simulation Technician”.

 The Robotics and Simulation Technician certificate would include the following courses:

EETC1025 Circuit Fundamentals.  This is a 4 credit 96 contact hour course in DC and AC circuit theory.  It is both a lecture and hands on lab class.  It covers electronic theory, breadboarding of circuits and the use of electronic bench equipment. It includes direct current (DC) circuit components, resistance (R) and symbols, Ohm’s Law, series DC circuits, and parallel DC circuits. Circuit analysis methods are also covered in this class. Alternating current (AC) generation, inductance (L), capacitance (C) and circuit time constants are discussed. Series resistance inductance (RL), resistance capacitance (RC), and resistance capacitance inductance (RLC) circuits are analyzed. Parallel resistance inductance (RL), resistance capacitance (RC), and resistance capacitance inductance (RLC) circuits are analyzed. Phasors, decibels, passive frequency filters and RLC resonant circuits are also covered.  This is an existing EFSC course.

EETC2724 Schematic Capture and Modeling.  This is a 3 credit 48 contact hour course that teaches Electronic Design Automation (EDA) using a computer for circuit drawing, circuit simulation, and printed circuit board (PCB) layout.  This course covers maintaining and adding new components to a database, design documentation, circuit simulation using various techniques including worst case component variation.  The PCB layout training includes both the physical and manufacturing considerations.  This is an existing EFSC course.

ETS1603C Fundamentals of Robotics & Simulation.  This is a 3 credit 48 Contact hour course that teaches basic robotics concepts, operation, classification, and applications.  This course covers software development for mechatronic systems using the Python and C programming languages. This is a new course to EFSC.

CETC1123 Microprocessor Fundamentals. This is a 4 credit 96 contact hour course that teaches an introduction to the history, internal electronic architecture, and usage of various microprocessor platforms.  It introduces assembly language programming on the x86 line of microprocessors and Physical Computing using high-level languages such as BASIC, C, and Python to program microcontrollers. The course uses various single board computer (SBC) platforms such as the Parallax Basic Stamp, the Arduino, and the Raspberry Pi and their variants to provide hands-on practice in Physical Computing.  This is an existing EFSC course.

If you believe that a College Credit Certificate composed of the above courses and their included skills would be of value to your company or the industry in which you operate, I ask that you respond to this letter accordingly.  I will use your response to seek approval to continue development of this CCC.

Thank you,

Bruce Hesher

EFSC Assistant Professor Engineering Technology

321-433-5779; hesherb@easternflorida.edu

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