Why A Healthcare Sector Strategy for Brevard County?

Survey Results:

Behavioral-Based Expectations Survey

View Results Here.

Healthcare Vacancy Baseline And Benchmarks Survey

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Healthcare Industry Exploration Opportunity Survey

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Employee Development:

Soft Skills Tool Box July 2019

Mercy Health My Career Pathway

Linda Cobb Presentation Topics

Employee Recruitment:

Here is a link to the out of area campaign to attract healthcare talent to Brevard County. The campaign is targeting Texas, Charlotte, Cleveland, New York and Michigan. Feel free to share the link below on Social Media to reach an even wider audience!

Community and Talent Attraction Resources

Partner Placement Services

Employee Retention:

Commuter Van Pools with enterprise

Regional Wages 4 different nursing careers

Staffing Committee Retention Recommendations

On Shift Recruitment Retention Presentation

Employee Well Being Research Report Cigna Sept-2019


Talent Pipeline Training Resources:

Unqualified Candidate Referral Flyer

Essential Soft Skills Training Flyer


LCAN Information

Partner Rosters

October 14 2020 Brevard Leaders Framework

CAL – Session One Agenda

CAL – Session Two Internal Agenda

CAL – Steering Committee Agenda – 11.10.20

Brevard Data Discussion 10.16.20

Brevard follow up community convening – introduction


AIM Logo

The AIM logo is shared here in order that you can help connect others to the AIM initiative/collaboration by connecting the dots—making voices available to each other. Please take and share the AIM logo and consider placing the AIM invitation on your website, linked to to help us build community awareness of the Healthcare Sector Strategy and its potential, if we all contribute.

Take AIM - The Healthcare Consortium

Take AIM - Advancing in Healthcare

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For the media

If you need information about AIM, please contact Megan Cochran.


Apprenticeship Information

Medical Assistant Apprenticeship MI Case Study