Soft Skills

The Soft Skills Committee has been created to address the issue that Soft Skills are lacking in the workforce. Our goal is to increase the interpersonal skills and work readiness skills in the current workforce and future workforce. We are working on initiatives to address soft skills and also provide recommendations to the Brevard Healthcare Workforce Consortium.

Documents and Committee Reports

Meeting Agenda 2017-02-15  Committee Minutes 2017-02-15

Meeting Agenda 2017-03-15  Committee Minutes 2017-03-15

Meeting Agenda 2017-04-19   Committee Minutes 2017-04-19

Meeting Agenda 2017-06-07  Committee Minutes 2017-06-07

Behavioral-Based Expectations Survey

Meeting Agenda 2017-08-30  Committee Minutes 2017-08-30

Meeting Agenda 11-15-2017    Committee Minutes 2017-11-15

Meeting Agenda 12-6-17  Committee Minutes 2017-12-6

Meeting Agenda 1-24-18   Committee Minutes 2018-1-24

Meeting Agenda 4-25-18  Committee Minutes 2018-4-25

Meeting Agenda 6-13-18  Committee Minutes 2018-6-13

Meeting Agenda 8-2-18    Committee Minutes 2018-8-2

Meeting Agenda 10-25-18   Committee Minutes 2018-10-25

Meeting Agenda 11-29-2018   Committee Minutes 2018-11-29

Meeting Agenda 4-3-2019      Committee Minutes 4-3-2019

Meeting Agenda 6-18-2019    Committee Minutes 6-18-2019

Meeting Agenda 10-30-2019     Committee Minutes 10-30-2019

Meeting Agenda 12-11-2019      Committee Minutes 12-11-2019

Meeting Agenda July-29-2020    Committee Notes 7-29-2020

Meeting Agenda 10-14-2020    Committee Notes 10-14-2020

Meeting Agenda 3-3-2021

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Committee Resources

Using Brain Science to Transform Human Services

CARE MYPT Flyer Nov-Dec 2020 Final_

CARE MYPT Survey Results Module One and Two


Vicarious Trauma Presentation

CARE MYPT Flyer CSB 2020_

CARE Maximize Your Performance Training Flyer 2020


Videos for Pandemic LOSS & HELPLESSNESS

Issue 9 Brevard Community Resource Newsletter

community resource master_Issue 9

CARE Training System

RBLP Value Proposition

Issue 8 Ready For Life

community resource master_7-29-20

Ah…HEAR Talent Management Retention Program Description (002)

Ahhh…HEAR Talent Management Systems Summary Talk

Talent Management System Summary Talk

Business Learning Event Feedback

What Are Your Problems Feedback


Leadership Essentials Training Opportunity

Recommendations for the Consortium with feedback

Soft Skills Tool Box July 2019

Florida Ready to Work Soft Skills Committee Presentation

Soft Skills Upskilling Planning Guide

Orange Technical College Soft Skills Training

Act of kindness Campaign Pledge

CARE Training System Proposal Educators

CS Brevard Soft Skills Presentation

Soft Skills Administrator Training Attendance

Local College Access Network

Presentation Local College Access Networks

LCAN-readiness-assessment 11-2017

LCAN Case Study

LCAN Readiness Assement 11-29-18

Eastern Florida State College Minority Male Initiative Contact

Upcoming Events

Essential Soft Skills Administrator Training

FRTW Soft Skills Administrator Training Presentation

Talent Management Talk flyer


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