The Staffing Committee addresses the recruitment and retention of talent, prioritizing skill shortages in the healthcare industry. Initiatives are developed and recommendations are presented to the Brevard Healthcare Workforce Consortium at periodic meetings. Our current focus is the recruitment and retention of

  • Homemaker Companions, Home Health Aides, Certified Nursing Assistants and Practical Nurses
  • Experienced Registered Nurses
  • New-to-practice Registered Nurses

Documents and Committee Reports

Meeting Agenda 2017-01-31  Committee Minutes 2017-01-31

Meeting Agenda 2017-03-13  Committee Minutes 2017-03-13

Meeting Agenda 2017-04-03  Committee Minutes 2017-04-03

Meeting Agenda 2017-06-01  Staffing Committee Minutes 2017-06-01

Employer Survey – Vacancy Benchmarks

Healthcare Industry Exploration Survey

Questions for BPS Healthcare Students

Survey Results of BPS Health Sciences Students

Meeting Agenda 2017-08-17  Committee Minutes 2017-08-17

Meeting Agenda 2017-11-10  Committee Minutes 2017-11-10

Meeting Agenda 1-17-2018    Committee Minutes 2018-1-17

Meeting Agenda 4-20-18     Committee Minutes 2018-20-4

Meeting Agenda 6-6-18     Committee Minutes 2018-6-6

Meeting Agenda 7-25-2018    Committee Minutes 2018-7-25

Meeting Agenda 10-30-2018  Committee Minutes 2018-10-30

Meeting Agenda 12-19-2018  Committee Minutes 2018-12-19

Meeting Agenda 4-5-2019     Committee Minutes 4-5-2019

Meeting Agenda 6-27-2019     Committee Minutes 6-27-2019

Meeting Agenda 11-5-2019     Committee Minutes 11-5-2019

Agenda 12-3-2019

Take AIM - The Healthcare Consortium

Committee Reports

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Healthcare Talent Recruitment Campaign Spring 2018

Regional LMI for 4 Different Nursing Careers May 2018

Brevard Public Schools Survey May 2018

RTOL 2019-20 DRAFT 3-19 LWDB 13 COLOR 

Healthcare Labor Market Information

Home Health Aide Regional Wage Comparisons 2017-2018

Nursing Occupations Regional Wage Information

Upcoming Events

Brevard Healthcare Workforce Consortium Meeting – March 7, 2018

Brevard Healthcare Workforce Consortium March 2018 Flyer


Staffing Committee Meeting

November 10, 2017, 297 Barnes Blvd., Rockledge, FL or Call in 321-394-0707


Brevard Healthcare Workforce Consortium Meeting October 5, 2017

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