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Identify and bridge the skills and talent gap in manufacturing in Brevard

CareerSource Brevard (CSB) is committed to building an effective, sustainable Manufacturing Sector Strategy for Brevard by working directly with the manufacturing community to hear their voices, address the critical workforce challenges they face, map resources, and take priority steps to fill current needs and ensure a robust talent pipeline into the future.

Work is being done in collaboration with the EFSC Manufacturing Advisory Council, and manufacturers, educational and training partners, economic developers at county and municipality levels, community leaders, elected officials and workforce development experts to define skills gaps, identify and redesign training and education and initiatives needed to bridge the current and future manufacturing skills gaps in Brevard County.

What we do: Build comprehensive career pathways.  With manufacturers and educational partners, develop shared processes for identifying in-demand skills. Determine how students are deemed proficient in these skills. Look at standard technical assessments, industry-recognized credentials, validated curriculum and credential alignment.   Ensure that pathways are non-duplicative, that credentials stack, accelerate learning and help people advance.   Develop an inventory of experts, facilities, equipment and other resources in the community to increase and enhance Brevard’s opportunities to coordinate and deliver trained talent to help our manufacturing businesses succeed.

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What we do: Promote the rationales for and local need for internships and apprenticeships. Work to grow internship and apprenticeship opportunities.   Develop youth-oriented internship programs to increase awareness of career opportunities in modern manufacturing at younger, formative ages.  Embed internships and apprenticeships within manufacturing career pathways.

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What we do: Grow prioritized and specific recommendations within an actionable plan for Brevard.  Work to eliminate duplication of effort to ensure we maximize resources, including manufacturing experts, facilities, equipment, learning opportunities and momentum.  Improve the value of incoming information and create an outflow of relevant data that truly helps inform direction and action for evolving regional needs.

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What we do: Study misperceptions in the market and in the nation, and think outside the box to change and improve attitudes about manufacturing careers.  Identify key target audiences and using a combination of resources, create actions, programs, marketing and other means to breakdown misperceptions and replace them with actionable information that enhances the perceptions of manufacturing value, rewards, career options and possibilities in Brevard.  Think about both near term change and the need to perpetuate messages and evolve attitudes to provide an active, robust manufacturing talent pipeline into the future.

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